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Augmented in-store experience

Immerse yourself in a memorable shopping journey with your mobile phone.  Interactive content in real-world shop environment. Full transparency and traceability of product in front of you.

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Make conscious purchase choices

Engaging way to get to know the story behind the product you buy. See beyond the obvious. Get to know the local supplier. Check product unique characteristics. Read reviews, specifications and many more.

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  • Minimum plastic

  • Returnable packaging

  • Supply Chain CO2 monitoring...


Our key features

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 Beautifully simple

Scan - Pay - Go


No queues

Pay any moment you want


Full traceability

Farm-to-Fork transparency

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Focus on sustainability

How does it work?

Mobile App - How does it work

Step 1

Download Smart Shopping app from appropriate app store

Look for Smart Shopping app in the App Store or Play Store and download the app.

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Step 2

Scan shop QR code


When entering the shop scan shop QR code printed on the banner.


Step 3

Scan product QR code and learn more about the product characteristics

After scanning product QR code you can get insight into the product and add it to your cart.


Step 4

Choose payment method


Pay online with Payconiq app or generate QR code of your shopping cart and show it to a shop assistant to proceed with the payment using your card.

Home: New Arrivals

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Stationary shop

ympa Ghent

Bennesteeg 2-12, Gent, Belgium


Poland, Wrocław Marii Curie Skłodowskiej  48/8

 +48 (71) 79 49 565

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